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From The Business Builder: Mark Walker
Subject: 47 Turnkey Niche Affiliate Websites


Dear Affiliate Marketer,

If you have been looking for a way to increase your affiliate sales and bank more cash, this is it!

Each of these 47 money-making sites are pre-loaded with articles related to their niche and are fully optimized for Adsense, Clickbank & Amazon products.

What's more you can quickly and easily make a change to or add your own unique articles through the simple to use, and feature packed admin panel.

The Ultimate Turnkey Affiliate Website
Solution Is Here...

47 PRE-MADE WEBSITES:  All the hard work has been done for you. The hottest niches have been chosen and researched, the websites have been built! You simply download the complete website kits after purchasing and upload them to your server. You get all the graphics, templates, content and admin control panel.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED:  This means the Meta Description, Meta Keywords & Page Title all contain site/niche specific keywords that help search engine rank and trigger the strategically positioned Adsense ads.

NICHE SPECIFIC:  Each article is site/niche specific - In other words, they will trigger even more specific Adsense ads, but will keep your site visitor glued to the page right up to the point where they buy one of the Clickbank products presented to them.

MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS:  There's a banner and 2 product images on each page linked to your Clickbank ID. Your Amazon ads will be triggered using site/niche specific keywords and phrases.

YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL:  Everything can be quickly updated or modified from inside the easy to use Admin page included with each individual site.

NO MYSQL DATABASE REQUIRED:  You don't need to create and manage a MySQL databse. Simply upload the files and login to the admin panel to configure! (runs on simple PHP scripts)

INSTRUCTION MANUAL... You'll get a complete guidebook for setting up your sites, as well as how to easily create your own UNIQUE sites using our easy-to-follow directions.

ALSO... you can change, add to or replace the supplied articles with your own! You have full control of the articles via the easy to use admin panel.

Simply Insert Your Affiliate ID's, Upload The Sites To Your Server, And Add Traffic!
You Can Have Your Very Own Niche Website Empire Earning You Commissions
Around The Clock In Just Minutes From Now!

Take A Look At Some Live Samples Of The Websites You'll Be Downloading...

How To Sell On eBay

Click Here to View Site

Blogging To The Bank

Click Here to View Site

Explosive Energy Bills

Click Here to View Site

37 Days To Clean Credit

Click Here to View Site

The SE Loophole

Click Here to View Site

The Millionaire League

Click Here to View Site

       Other niche website topics include...
  • Forex
  • Making Up
  • XBox360
  • Warcraft
  • Stop Smoking
  • Wii
  • Bad Breath
  • Fat Loss
  • Hypnosis
  • Satellite TV
  • Spanish
  • Recipes
  • Online Jobs
      Plus many more websites covering the hottest and most "profitable" niches!

How Much Can These Sites Make?

These sites are packed with multiple income streams! Earn commissions from Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense.

Any clickbank product will pay you 50% - 75% commission on products selling for anywhere between $37 and $97 a pop.

Make one sale from just one website on a $67 product and there's an easy $33.50 commission check for you from just ONE site.

But that's only counting Clickbank.

Adsense can earn you $2 per click
on top of that and upwards! Hot niche topics like Forex and Fat Loss pay riduculous payouts for each click!

If only ONE site could make you hundreds per day in commissions, imagine what you could earn if you had FORTY-SEVEN sites getting traffic and making sales for you day in and day out on auto-pilot?!

The potential income from these sites is endless!

Do I Need To Be A Techy?

If you know how to upload files to a website, then you're more than qualified to get these turnkey sites up and running in a matter of minutes! If you don't know how to upload - Don't Worry - I have tutorial DVD videos on my site -

You will need to have a website domain name of your own to send your prospects to so they can buy from your site and some cheap hosting, but you don't need an autoresponder.

But look, a domain name will cost less than $10 a year and web hosting around $5 per month!

I use THIS COMPANY for all my websites - They are offering a Special Discount to my customers today.

A cheap domain name and webhosting is a small investment when you are plugging in 47 income streams.

No MySQL Needed! Easy to Set Up And Configure!

If you can upload website files (FTP) and fill in a few forms, you're ready to start profiting with these websites. The sites run on simple PHP scripts and don't require a MYSQL database! You only need to make sure your server can run PHP but 99% of web servers these days do.

The company I use offer PHP for FREE!! Check their special offer website out HERE     

Don't forget, you have full control over the articles. You can replace the existing articles with you own or edit them using the built-in administration panel. Here is a screenshot of the article admin area:

Setting the site up with your Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon info is a snap. Enter them in one time and you are ready to go. Here is a screenshot of the admin area where you add these and your keywords:

Special Help For Newbies!?

Are You A Beginner And Don't Know How To Get A Website Of Your Own
Up And Running Online?

I undertand there are a lot of newbies out there (I know becasue I used to be one) who want their own websites but don't know how to register a domain name, get cheap hosting and then edit the HTML and upload the site to their server.

It's easy when you get shown and once you know how to do it, you can keep that skill forever! That's why I've created a FREE Essential Tools List on my site - that lists the Top 10 products you need to get started and become successful online. I've also arranged special access to a complete Internet Marketer Newbie Training Course DVD after you make your purchase. The DVD contains all you need to know to get started, step-by-step and in one place.

Go GRAB your 47 Turnkey Websites then check out my Essential Tools Section.

The Hard Work Has Been Done For You!

As you can see, 95% of the work has been done for you. They are pre-built and OPTIMIZED for the search engines and targeted for the highest paying Adsense ads and Amazon products. The hard work has been done, you just need to do the easy job of uploading these sites and then send traffic!

Use them as is or really juice them up by adding more articles. You'd be looking to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for each site if you were to get them custom made. But you won't have to pay that much when you buy in bulk. Actually, you'll be able to own all "47 ready to go" sites for an unbelievable price!

What's it all going to cost me Mark?

$497 Just $10 dollars per site!





Just $297!!

47 Turnkey Websites



For a limited time, you have the opportunity to own the resell rights to this product! Resell Rights include all 47 Turnkey Websites + A Copy Of This Sales Page with Graphics!...($197 VALUE)



In less than 15 minutes from NOW!! you could be making bundles of cash from multiple streams of niche income backed by 3 of the largest online product and service advertisers and suppliers on the Internet.
Clickbank, Adsense (owned by Google) and Amazon 

Resell Rights License Terms:

  1. You may purchase the set of 47 Ready Made Websites to use for yourself, resell as a package or resell as individual sites. You may add any additional components to the coding.

  2. No part of this package may be resold on the following sites: eBay, Warrior Forum, Clickbank, or added to Membership Sites (Free or Paid).

  3. The "Powered by Quick.CMS" link located at the bottom of each article page must remain and if resold must be instructed, as such, to the new owner.

  4. You may add or change any of the articles already installed in each site, but you may not remove any links on the articles currently installed on the site unless you remove the article entirely.

  5. You can NOT give the Ready Made Websites away for free.

As you can see this is a fantastic deal but you need to act fast!!!

YES!  I want instant access to the Resell Rights Package - 47 instant websites + full resell rights right now for only $497.00 now only $297.00 until the end of 

47 Turnkey Websites PLUS Resell Rights


24 Hour Secure Server Ordering Through Paypal - Instant Product Delivery In Zipped Files


Or, You can grab personal use only...

YES!  I want instant access to these 47 instant websites right now for only $397.00 now $227.00 with personal use rights only...

47 Turnkey Websites



24 Hour Secure Server Ordering Through Paypal - Instant Product Delivery In Zipped Files


Start pulling in your share of ClickBank, Adsense and Amazon profits today.

To Your Success!

Mark Walker
Mark Walker
Mark Walker

p.s:  When my download server reaches 100 downloads it will upload the new sales page where the resell rights package will go back up to $497 - grab yours for just $297 now!

p.p.s: Don't forget to visit to my blog site for free help and tutorials, software, joint venture opportunites and to read how I can help you create your own online business.

Disclaimer: Any income examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same results just by using my products. Every individual's success including your own will always be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital, and just by buying this product you understand that you may or may not make any money.

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